July 2020


About SEP

The Summer Enrichment Program (in partnership with Prospanica Chicago) is a 4 week rigorous program for high school students in the Chicagoland area. It allows students the opportunity to participate in workshops ranging from career exploration, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, through professional development along with corporate tours and university visits.


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1 Virtual Workshop a Day

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Virtual Corporate Tours



Virtual University Tours

Important Dates

Thursday, July 2 - Orientation

Monday, July 6 - Class Starts


Where do I apply?
Please apply online here.

Is the program only for the city of Chicago students? Can students from the suburbs apply?
Yes, students from the suburbs can apply. We simply ask that they have a mode of transportation for the program. Our program runs Monday’s through Friday. Most, if not all, of the locations, will be easily accessible through public transportation or CTA.

For the 2 references required for the application, do they have to be academic? Can they be personal as well?
Certainly! We use the references to ensure the participant will be reliable and committed to participating for the entire program.

What are the times/schedules?
The program kicks off with orientation on July 2nd, then our program starts on July 8 and runs Monday through Friday with graduation on July 26. On average, Monday’s through Wednesday’s are from 10am-3pm, Thursdays (our corporate tours) are from 10am-3pm, and Friday’s (our university tours) are from 8am-1 or 2pm. You can see the tentative schedule here.

When is the deadline?
Applications are being accepted through Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 1pm Central Time.

Is there a cost for the program?
No. The program is offered at no cost to you or your family. SEP is fully sponsored thanks to our sponsors and partners. We even provide a 30-day CTA pass to get around in the city. If you have a student coming in from the suburbs, please ensure they have a monthly pass to get to the city.

What’s included with the program?
You’ll receive a 30-day CTA pass, lunch, an SEP water bottle (to be used throughtout the month), workshops, corporate tours, and university tours.

Is there lunch or breakfast provided?
Lunch is provided, however, breakfast is not provided every morning. Please eat breakfast so you’re not too hungry by the time lunch comes around.

I have a family vacation and may miss some days, can I still apply?
We encourage everyone to be present for the entire program. If you have vacation or days you know you know you will be out of town, please let us know ahead of time.

Where do I sign up to volunteer

Some locations don’t show, where will those be?
All locations will be easily accessible via public transportation. There may be some locations that are still tentative. Please keep an eye on the calendar and the SignUpGenius. If you signup for a day which does not have a location yet, you’ll receive a notification 2-3 days before along with the day before with additional information.

We hope to have everything finalized by the last week of June.

Do I have to be a Prospanica member to volunteer?
Put simply, no. Anyone who is dependable and willing to volunteer their time during the day can be a teacher or a chaperone volunteer. If you would like to learn more on becoming a Prospanica member, please email chicago.membership@prospanica.org

Do chaperones all need to be Prospqanica Board members or is that volunteer opportunity open to anyone?
Chaperone and teacher/facilitator slots are open to anyone.

What are the themes for each week?
Each week, for the most part, is broken down into themes. This may change from year-to-year, however, you can view the entire calendar here and the curriculum by week/day here and instructions on how to get to each location here.

Where do I get the curriculum for the class I’m facilitating / teaching?
You’ll receive the material for that day the morning of your session. Please arrive 20 minutes before your slot to review your material. You can find the training for your session here.

Is there training for the teacher?
Yes, you can view training videos here.

Will there be an orientation for volunteers?
You’ll receive a presentation via email along with links to YouTube video training for each teacher day. This should take roughly 20-30 minutes to review. Please review all material prior to your volunteer day. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Chicago.Education@prospanica.org.

For questions and volunteer opportunities, please email us at  volunteer@sproutingleaders.org