Meet the UIC Team

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Mennat Tania Abraham Mennat: It was my freshman year at college and it was at the involvement fair at school and I was generally looking for clubs that were community service or volunteering based because those were the types of clubs I generally did in high school. Tania: A really good friend of mine, Eileen, has always been involved with …

Our Founder's Story

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A Brief History Of Sprouting Leaders From Raul Rosas, PresidentSprouting Leaders has come a long way since the inception, and like every great organization, a great leader with the right vision is the essential building block. Raul Rosas shares his story below: In late summer of 2012, Osvaldo De Santiago, the assistant principal at Corkery at the time, reached out ...

Mentor Spotlight – Ayesha

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Name: Ayesha Bangee Major: Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language Year: Senior Who is your greatest mentor? My greatest mentor is my brother, he always worked really hard growing up but managed to always make my parents really proud. He always keeps his work and family balanced and growing up he always managed ...