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Name: Ayesha Bangee

Major: Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language
Year: Senior

Who is your greatest mentor?
My greatest mentor is my brother, he always worked really hard growing up but managed to always make my parents really proud. He always keeps his work and family balanced and growing up he always managed work and school. He had built himself up and worked hard to get where he is today, which is what I hope to do as well. My brother was always there to support me and give me advice. He always wanted what was best for me and encouraged me to do the best that I could.

Why Sprouting Leaders?
When I was first approached about Sprouting Leaders by the two gentlemen that brought it onto my campus I did not know much about the organization, but I began doing research. As I learned more about the organization I was ready to help students and bring my own ideas to the table.

How does being a mentor support your career?
As a teacher Sprouting Leaders supports my career in the sense that I am planning on becoming an educator within the next year. This organization supports teachers and helps them with their students that struggle. By being a mentor for students I learn about the students struggles as they open up to me, these students also shared different tactics they use for learning material. The feedback I receive from the students I will be able to take to my classroom in the future.

What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself?
During my spare time enjoy crafting and creating things. I enjoy making things for others.

What’s your guilty pleasure? (TV show, treat, movie)
My guilty pleasure is watching BAD reality shows like, The Real Housewives, & The Kardashians, & eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

One place you would like to visit in the world?

The one place I would like to visit in the world is, Greece.

Advice to anyone seeking a mentor?
If you are seeking a mentor look around you. There are many individuals in our lives that are influential. Think about someone you may want to be like or someone who has a positive role in your life. In my opinion the best mentor are the people that are consistently in our lives and are able to give us support and be a good role model for us. A mentor is someone you can connect with and feel comfortable talking to about different things.

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